Easier Before


Easier Before

In a heartbeat it is gone
Life has taken what is hers
And I suddenly think about the time
That passed by while I longed
Like when I was small and went around selling papers
Down to the harbor and then outside of town
While the icy winter winds hurt my face
All I could think of was all that I saved to
It was easier before, it was easier before

In a heartbeat it is lost
All the passes that never found their way
On the field where I have worn
Out a dozen shoes or more
It won’t be like before when I think about the first time
My heart was torn into pieces I thought that life would end
I was only eight and felt there was no chance
I could ever love someone else like that
It was all so fragile then, it was all so fragile then

In a heartbeat it has turned
The winds of life change
And find their way back to the east
Like my childhoods winds were like
By the beach where I grew up where I took my own first little
Swimming strokes that would take me to what I’ve now become
It’s so hard to imagine that all those things
Makes me to the one who I am today
Yeah it was easier before, so much easier before

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