Break Yourself Free


Break Yourself Free

It is so beautiful tonight
A night in June, the stars shine bright
I wrap my coat around you
Doesn’t this feel right and true
But we need to pass and leave
The one thing in our way
Yes, you need to be so strong to
Break yourself free, break yourself free

It all feels so unreal, who knew
That we two still need to be two
That all our feelings have been banned
Oh please darling take my hand
For soon will slowly we
Fly across the land and sea
But it’s just in fantasy
You are free, you are free

You tell me that he frightens you
With his way of acting, talking to you
The times when you fight about
Nothing at all, he screams and shout
But it doesn’t touch the real
Problem that became we
And there is just one solution
Break yourself free, break yourself free

I cannot participate
In how he treats you, all the hate
It must be time for us to make
Something about it to not waste
All the love that we’ve built up
Out of the wreckage of yours
Something warm and strong and tough
Break yourself free, break yourself free

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