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Smisch – The Story Of My Life (Album as mp3)


“Smisch is a singer-songwriter from Sweden, and his debut album The Story of My Life is kind of the “Swedish pop” version of a typical singer-songwriter album. The opening title track is a gem, recalling Neil Finn and “I Will Never” has its own breezy charm as well. Other standouts include “Together”, which adds some piano to the mix and has an early solo McCartney feel, the sprightly “Summer Love”, and “Break Yourself Free”, a fine pop number that sounds like it could have come from Finn’s band, Crowded House. At 15 tracks, there’s something for everyone here in this quality debut”

– Steve Ferra, Absolute Powerpop blog


This is the debut album of Smisch, released 11 january 2017, coming after a lifetime of writing songs. Starting when he was nine years old. Now 34 years old he’s ready to reveal himself and his music. It consists of 15 singer songwriter songs, highly emotional – a lot about love – a lot about ups and downs in life. It’s all real, and it’s all about his own life. Weaved together with melodies that gets stuck.

1 The Story Of My Life 4:20
2 I Will Never 3:24
3 A Too Vivid Dream 5:17
4 The World Is Waiting 4:29
5 Together 2:31
6 Stuck 3:27
7 Easier Before 3:37
8 Summer Love 3:47
9 When You Smile 2:58
10 Break Yourself Free 3:37
11 Just Come Close 4:23
12 You Are My Life 3:00
13 One Million Remains 3:31
14 She 2:37
15 Crossroad Of Love 4:56


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