Smisch is an indie singer songwriter artist from Sweden.

He started writing music at the age of nine. He wrote music throughout his childhood but first twenty years old he found courage to participate in a talent competition where he made it to the finals and got to play on one of the big scenes in western Sweden.

Later he applied and went to a University music program. By that time he also became a father, which was a life that didn’t rhyme well with music ambitions. Time for the family and children were more important than succeeding at music.

In the late summer of 2016 he found the love for music again while finishing building his home studio. After eight years of no songs written at all he wrote 5 songs in a couple of weeks and also finished lot of the old ones he had. That added to an album of 15 tracks.

The following six months he spent many nightly lonely hours behind the instruments and the microphone in his studio trying to get the songs to sound the way he wanted.

One thing he knew – he didn’t want to kill the dynamics and sensitivity in the music. So he asked his good indie-friend Erik Nyberg to mix the album for him. fortunately he agreed to. Smisch knew Erik to be a producer who didn’t use auto-tune and compression abusively, which was important.

The nice album cover were photographed in Gothenburg by his wife’s brother with girlfriend and later digitally edited by his friend Jon Magnusson.

Most songs were written in Swedish, but as he didn’t want to turn away english-speaking listeners he translated them into english. It was then crucial that none of the stories and content of the songs were changed, since they have a high emotional value to him.

He tries to write clear and nice melodies together with moving and storytelling lyrics that many people can relate to.

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