On a train after a day with over 100 subscribers on YouTube

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On a train thankful about my 100 subscribers

Here I sit on a train between the Swedish towns Gothenburg and Skövde ready to meet my sweet wife and daughters. I’m so thankful for my 100 subscribers on YouTube.

So many good musicians – so little space

Sitting here on a train to Skövde from Gothenburg. Last night I was out in Gothenburg with some friends and my mom. We went seeing another of my friends performing with a band. It was a really nice gig. The band was really good! All members were awesome musicians which made me think about how much it takes to succeed in the music business. One might think all it takes is to be really awesome at your instrument and working well together with other band members. No, it takes more. MUCH MORE. Unfortunatly. But else it might have been a little to easy to succeed. Than the competetion would be even higher. And I think it’s more than enough as it is. 🙂

Anyway – it was a fun evening!

I obviously try to get somewhere with my music

A guy who also is an awesome musician was also there yesterday. He performed with me in february on Sticky Fingers. He asked me when next gig would be. He also told me he wanted to cooperate with me. Strangely (and maybe something that points out that I sometimes have low self esteem) I asked him why. He said something that made me very happy. “Of all people I know that are musicians – and that’s many – you are the second one that truly tries to take the music to the next level and tries to succeed out in the world”. Then I guess I must be doing something right. At least I send out signals that I do – lol 😀

I have reached over 100 subscribers on YouTube

I just found out that I have more than 100 subscribers on YouTube. That’s really good. It might sound like nothing, but I see it as it’s 100 more than nothing. It’s more than 100 people that wants to know when I upload new material on YouTube. More than 100 people that are genuinely interested in what I do. More than 100 persons that might want news about my music. I just found out I also have got 8 subscribers to my newsletter. That is also pretty awesome. Thank you all you people who wants to spend your precious time focusing on me. It really means something to me. A lot to be honest. Without you I’m nothing more than myself and the people that are in my sphere. But I have ambitions to have a bigger sphere because I really hope that poeple want my music to be something worth. Then I hopefully one day can be able to live on just making music 🙂

What are followers on Twitter worth?

I also have over 6500 subscribers on Twitter. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean much. Most of them aren’t really interested in me and what I do. But that’s just how it is. It’s still worth to gain more followers, because every now and then I get one that might be interested. Thank you too.

Performance of my top ranked YouTube videos

Like I’ve already told I have succeeded to top rank some videos on YouTube. The Story Of My Life, Easier Before and The World Is Waiting. I’m not seeing a big flow to my videos. Most of the views comes from my newly added twitter followers. But they are still Top ranked. Maybe people just don’t click my stuff – they want something else – lol. But still I will continue to top rank my videos. It much better than not to.

Summer Love will be my next video

Next video I will upload is Summer Love. I will try to promote it and rank it as a summer song and summer hit. I hope it will perform nicely. The Austrian guy who helped me top rank a video Gerhard – he really believed in Summer Love and wanted to top rank it. I wrote it sometime around 2004-2005. I have always had a much harder time writing happy songs. It’s much easier to thrive on lows than highs – lol. I performed with it on Göteborgstalangen – (directly-translated The Gothenburg Talent) where I came to the finals and performed on the big stage of Liseberg – A big amusement park in Gothenburg. It’s one of the big stages in western Sweden and very popular. That was a good time. I can still remember how nervous I was. Anyway – I hope you’ll enjoy the video.

Do you want to support me?

By the way – if you want to support me – consider buying my music. You can find the whole album here and individual songs here

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