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Singer Songwriter Easter Celebration

I’m a indie artist from Sweden. This post is about the Easter celebration with my family, finding some nice old songs and making important life-changing decisions.

Easter celebration with the family

Since I last posted some exciting new things have happened in my life – both regarding the music and other things. One obvious thing was Easter! I was free from work and spent some nice quality time with my family. Sure, we had colds (but most people in Sweden do during this time), but still it was well spent time. A time of joy! So I chose to have my three lovely daughters dressed as witch, easter bunny and chicken as featured image. I hope you enjoy it – I definitely do. Of course – as the indie artist I am I couldn’t keep away from playing and sing some suiting songs too with family and friends 🙂

Memory of old songs coming back

Another thing that actually had happened before my last post, but that I didn’t write about, was that I recently found about 100 of my old songs. some of them unfinished, but a lot of them also completed. I found myself to be really frustrated that I couldn’t remember most of them. As an indie artist struggling towards making a living out of your music it’s not only important to write the music – also remembering it!

But I didn’t give up. I started sorting them into piles of “I have it on my tongue”, “remember some of it”, “remember all of it” and “Hope to remember it”. And I looked at them again and again and again – holding the guitar in my lap and trying to find the chords, the melodies the rhythm – anything. Funny how the mind works. Most of them I wrote almost 20 years ago and it has been over 10 years since I played any of them – but slowly – many of them came back.

Now I remember at least half of them. A lot of them are good enough to be featured on my next album. In fact they all add up to a good second LP. I can’t believe I almost forgot them forever!

In the future I will fast record versions of the songs so that I never forget them.

Success in first page ranking YouTube music videos

As you might remember I wrote in my last post about a guy helping me with this, but that I would try to learn myself. All these things are important when you are an indie artist doing to the parts yourself. And now I have. I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve first page ranked two of my videos! One in Swedish and one in English. The English one is Easier Before. Check it out here


Youtube bounces a lot up and down when it comes to keyword searches, but most of the time when you search for sad song it’s among the top hits. and definitely when you search for sad song life. It actually wasn’t that hard, but it took some studying on the subject.

Now I’ve also tried to top rank a new version of The Story Of My Life. I hope to top rank it as FreshMusicThe Story Of My Life or singer songwriter hit. But we’ll have to see. I’ve put in more keywords that are very interesting. Here you can find the video


On keyword FreshMusic it’s already on page 3 after only 6 hours. That’s good. Then I can bounce it up to the first page hopefully.

I hope this to be well spent time focusing on learning this. In the social network world we live in it’s an important self made indie artist tool to have to be able to reach out.

How to spend your life – where are we heading?

In the past few weeks me and the family are reaching for a change. We have thought it for very long – that all this hard work for long hours to be able to buy and have many nice things – it’s quite foolish. In Sweden both parents work full time in both families. They don’t have to – but they do. Cause they want things. Many things. Nice things. And they want to feel successful. Successful is considered to have reached when you have a high salary and can afford at least two cars, one holiday skiing, one holiday in the sun and a country-side cottage to be able to travel to in the weekends. And on top of that all your family members are supposed to have the latest Iphone, an LCD-tv – and be very active on all social networks (I know I’m throwing rocks in a glass house now, but it’s very different to use social networking as marketing tool compared to posting about what you had for dinner). And don’t forget about exercising a lot so that you have a fabulous body that everybody would love to put their teeth into.

But where does that actually leave the family? How much quality time do you get? When I grew up my mother was a house wife. We didn’t have all the things people have to today. But I came home to a mom waiting after school. Most children now stay at school with all their friends, waiting to be picked up by hard working parents close to dinner time. I had 3-4 hours more with my siblings and mom in our home than many Swedish kids today have. A high price to pay for a life in luxury…

A new and richer way of living?

I could go on forever about the faults in Swedish society, but let’s move on to where me and my family are heading. we are rethinking and have been for some time. But a couple of weeks ago we took the step to look at a place on the country-side. A place where we can work on the farm, spend more time together and with the children. Have animals and grow things. We hope and believe that life would win over the other any day! I as an indie artist can hopefully also find more time with my music.

We’re still only thinking about it, but very hard – and I’m excited as well as terrified! It’s a big step to leave it all behind and throw yourself out in the dark. We have talked to the children – and they love the idea.


  1. Monica Harrison
    April 28, 2017 at 4:12 am

    Great journey. I like THE STORY OF MY LIFE
    The beat gives off a nice sweet nostalgic and lingering feelings.It makes me feel like a hot sweaty summer days sitting with my ice cream under the porch.

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