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Now almost everything is recorded on the 15 tracks that are to be the released album. What remains is the vocals on about half of them. If everything go as planned there will be a trip to a larger studio for final mixes and mastering in November sometime.

The release will be in January when Christmas time is over and all the beautiful people hopefully are a little tired of hearing bells of the Christmas music 🙂 (although I must admit I still listen to it in January myself sometimes)

I also have plans to release at least a couple of music videos. When it will be I do not know, but I have already started thinking about ideas to stories and scenes in them.

Although it is so close now it feels very far away.

I have walked thousand miles but one million remains
To give me the things that I lack
Neither storms nor the rain nor a hurricane can
turn me around to go back

From the song One million remains, which will be on the album. The album will be titled The story of my life which will also be the name on one of the other songs.

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